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Equine Guided Learning

I haven’t stopped thinking about this experience since it happened, it truly is my happy-place right now!
— M.R. 2015

Equine Guided Learning

 Somatic Equitation, Personal Growth Workshops, Equine Guided Coaching, Leadership and Team Building Training  

Check your skeptic at the door and open your heart to the possibilities of renewal through horses. There are some experiences well worth getting off the proverbial therapeutic couch that will change your view of the world in the best way imaginable.
— Rebecca Walker-Sands Ph.D. Professor of Psychology. 2014 Workshop Participant

Why Horses?   

Our unique and ancient history of connection and collaboration with horses added to the horse’s own instinctual, social herd wisdom make them insightful teachers. 

What Horses Do:

Horses, by their very nature, offer a rare, intuitive ability to enlighten us.  They are able to see behind our masks-no matter how elaborate we have designed them.  

I had no idea the horses would be so receptive to me and how I feel inside.
— Monica, 2015 Workshop Participant

How Horses Do It:

  • As herd creatures, horses innately seek consistent, trustworthy leadership, comfort, and protection from harm.  These qualities make them perceptive analysts of us, when we are in their presence.

  • Horses reflect our potentiality, awareness, and focus.

  • Horses challenge our emotional and physical congruency and intention.

  • Horses urge us to live in the moment and be grounded.

At the end, I felt changed; more accepting of my authentic self, at peace and grounded. The experience as a whole was simply magical.
— Jennifer, 2014

Equine Guided Learning Programs Offered at Cascadian Stables:

Somatic Equitation

A holistic equitation practice designed to nurture mind, body and soul for horse and rider.  All levels welcome, no prior horse experience necessary!

Somatic, meaning of the body, and equitation, meaning riding skill.  Victoria integrates horsemanship principles with somatic and healing-arts wisdom and techniques.  This practice combines equine facilitated learning and psycho-spiritual development with natural horsemanship, biomechanics, and sports medicine.  

One hour private or  semi-private sessions include groundwork and riding exercises with your horse or one of ours.   Students will gain:

  • Elevated riding skills, including balance, feel, rhythm and timing

  • Experience working with horses at liberty and riding bareback.

  • Intensified connection with their equine partner, bonding on a deeper level.

  • Increased core strength and physical conditioning. It's the best workout you never knew about!

      Custom Progressive Packages Available 

The more your mind is restful, the more you’re capable of dynamic activity.
— Deepak Chopra

Equine Guided Leadership / Team Building / Holistic Health – Experiential personal coaching with horses.  Following the way of the horse, you will be empowered to be your true self, strengthen interpersonal relationships, and be inspired to live the life you want.  

  • No prior horse experience necessary

  • Outdoors, hands-on, real-time

  • Cultivate leadership style

  • Enhance communication skills 

  • Foster cooperation within professional groups, corporate and business organizations, and even families

Hourly private sessions, weekly ongoing programs, and 2- 3 day workshop style programs available.  Rates vary depending on the needs and goals of each specific group.  Contact us for scheduling and more info.

Workshops:  rates vary, please inquire.   

Private Retreat:  If you are interested in your own private retreat, focused entirely on you, please contact us for details.  

Personal Growth Workshops - expanding human potential through the way of the horse – no prior horse experience necessary!

Healing with Horses Retreats provide opportunities for self discovery, spiritual renewal, community connection and empowerment including:

  • Interactive exercises with horses and nature

  • Group and individual process in a sacred, small group setting

  • Music, expressive arts, ritual and journaling

 Go to Discovery With Horses for more info, current calendar and pricing

Laura and Victoria are outstanding, knowledgeable facilitators providing warmth, guidance, encouragement, and strength. This was the most nurturing experience of my life.
— Connie, 2014 Workshop Participant